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are there any white lions in the wild or are they all in captivity?

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    The white lion is occasionally found in wildlife reserves in South Africa and is a rare color mutation of the Kruger subspecies of lion (Panthera leo krugeri). It has been perpetuated by selective breeding in zoos around the world. White lions are not a separate subspecies and they have never been common in the wild. Regarded as divine by locals, white lions first came to public attention in the 1970s in Chris McBride's book "The White Lions of Timbavati". White cubs occasionally turn up among tawny lions in the Timbavati and Kruger National Park regions. Because the gene is recessive and is masked by the normal tawny colour, white lions remain rare in the wild and only occur when two lions carrying the mutant gene are mated together. The greatest population of white lions is in zoos where they are deliberately bred for color.

    Source(s): Wikipedia - White Lion
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    While the chance of a random breeding of an albino in the wild the chance of it surviving is very slim.

    The lion in captivity have been bred to be white.

  • Perhaps, we don't know everything. But there really hasn't been talk of sightings.

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