where can i find web addresses of operating banks in egypt?

egyptian banks web pages that can help comparing between their servises

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    1 decade ago
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    Here is a list of Egyptian Banks that I found with there websites - good luck!!!


    Arab African International Bank www.egypt.com/aaib

    Arab Bank www.arabbank.com

    Arab Investment Bank aib.egypt.com

    Bank of Alexandria www.alexbank.com

    Banque Du Caire www.bdc.com.eg

    Banque Misr www.banquemisr.com.eg

    Cairo Amman Bank www.ca-bank.com

    Central Bank of Egypt www.cbe.org.eg

    Citibank www.citibank.com/egypt

    Commercial International Bank www.cibeg.com

    Egyptian American Bank www.eab-online.com

    Egyptian Arab Land Bank www.arakari.com.jo

    Housing and Development Bank www.hdb-egy.com

    Misr Exterior Bank www.misrext.com

    National Bank Of Egypt www.nbe.com.eg

    National Bank of Oman www.nbo.co.om

    NSGB www.nsgb.com.eg

    Suez Canal Bank www.scbank.com.eg

    United Bank of Egypt www.ube.net

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