Was Ford Motor company (a) meeting its Social Obligation, (b) being socially responsive, or?

(c) being socially responsible? Explain your choice. How about Firestone?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    C. In the recall of 6 million (I believe) tires, Ford was doing all that it could to reclaim being a safe vehicle - and when there is evidence of something not being safe, that obstacle was removed. I believe that there was plenty of fault to go around (in hindsight). All of the Explorer rollovers and fatalities were due to a heavily loaded vehicle and underinflated tires. I never heard if Firestone continued to sell that model tire - but as I recall, Firestone was resolute in saying that the tires weren't the problem. Firestone mearly responded to the action taken by Ford. That decision - as corporately painful as it was (replacing that many tires must have cost dearly), make Jack Nasser lose his job. Don't know how many other corporate executives would make a similar decision with that kind of consequence.

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