Pharma managment assignment?

Hi guys,

can any 1 tell me where in internet i can find the topics like the one given below...

1)HR principles in pharma management/industry

2)Managerial skills to enhance employee morale

I tried google, but all in vain.

So someone help me out .

Where can i find managerial tutorials?

i need to submit these assignments.

Thanx in advance


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hello Ethi,

    It seems scholarly journals and books would best answer

    your questions. Unfortunately, most scholarly journals and

    books are not available for free on the Internet.

    I went to.... and entered the following, with no luck:

    (management OR managerial) tutorials

    "human resource principles" pharmaceutical

    "employee morale" (management OR managerial) skills

    [The quotations marks force google to search a group of words

    as a phrase; the parentheses set off one part of a search from another)

    The best source would be a library you are affiliated with.

    They can steer you to databases which have citations, abstracts,

    and possibly full text of articles. The beauty of databases is they have more precise searching than google, yahoo, etc. For example they have subject terms, and various ways to limit ones

    searches (as date). Also, you could search a database exclusively devoted to business books and articles.

    So...if you go to a library...ask for a reference librarian...

    he or she can get you started with searching...I do this all the time and enjoy it very much.

    In the city where I live, both the public and academic libraries

    have databases.

    Myself, I am a medical libarian of 7 years, but have answered a wide variety of questions, including business related, through staffing "chat reference" [an online service for the academic libraries in the state of Ohio, USA].

    I am not sure where you live, and I am only allowed to answer a question once.

    But if you email me with the name of the library you go to...

    I could check out what they have to offer, and get back with you.

    I have found that many libaries have rather dense web interfaces

    (ours included!)...and sometimes the resources are challenging to find.

    Anyways, feel free to email me, and I will do my best.

    It will probably take me about 24 hours at the most.

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