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Medial epicondylar fractures are immobilized in a posterior splint with the elow flexed to 90 degrees, the forearm in pronation, and the wrist in slight flexion to relex the flexor pronator muscle group. These fractures are immobilized for 1 to 2 weeks following by gentle active motion, progressing to strengthening activities as directed by the physician.

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    內側上髁骨折則把手肘作90度屈,並在後方以來板固定, 前臂內轉, 手腕輕微屈曲以放鬆屈肌,旋前肌的肌肉群組.骨折固定一至兩個星期,之後進行温和的動,然後根據醫生的指示慢慢加強活動.

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