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Many geriatric and gerontological publications nowadays have short paragraphs about creativity, Creativity and its diverse forms are boundless. Creative art forms are valid tools for dealing with life issues in any period of life. Creative research supports the idea that social and creative deprivation can actually impair brain function. One of the leading proponents of this theory is. Cohen [5], the author of ‘Welcome to the Creative Age ’. Cohen is the leading researcher of a 25-year study on creativity and aging in more than 200 elders.

Regarding the relationship between creativity and health, Cohen says, ‘Expressing ourselves creatively can actually improve health, both mentally and physically. Creativity is a natural, vibrant force throughout our lives; a catalyst for growth, excitement and forging a meaningful legacy’:

Some key points regarding the importance of creativity to wellness (after Cohen):

•Creativity reinforces essential connections between brain cells, including those

responsible for memory.

•Keeping a fresh perspective makes us emotionally resilient. Capitalizing on

creativity promotes a positive outlook and sense of well-being; that could boost

the immune system, which fights disease.

•Reading, writing, and word games increase one’s working vocabulary and help to

defend against memory loss.


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    許多老年醫學和老年護理學刊物都有有關創造力的短文.創造力和它不同的形式是無窮無盡的. 在任何時代創造性的藝術形式是應付生活問題的有效工具. 對創造力所進行的研究支持這種想法, 剝奪創造力真的可以削弱腦部的功能. 這個理論的其中一個倡導者是”歡迎來到創造性世紀”的作者Cohen [ 5 ],.Cohen 是一項進行了25 年、針對200個成年人的創造力及老化研究的主要研究人員.

    關於創造力和健康之間的關係, Cohen說: ` 創造性地表達自我可真正地改善精神及身體的健康. 創造力是生活中自然的, 使人生氣勃勃的的力量; 成長的催化劑、使人興奮的事情, 並創造有意義的人生': 創造力對整體健康的重要性(根據Cohen所說的):


    -保持新視野令我們情緒上較有彈性. 利用創造力令人對未來有正面的想法,及帶出良好的自我感覺; 這可以促進免疫力及抵抗疾病

    -讀, 寫, 和文字遊戲增加人能運用的詞彙,並對抗失憶。

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