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why are black women blessed with such sexy curvaceous bodies?

There seem to be sooo many black women who have amazing bodies but not that many white girls. why did god give black girls such nice booties, legs, curves, and lips?

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    I'm just happy that people are starting to appreciate the "beauty in the booty". I was always brought up to believe that dogs are the only one's who loves bones and that my full lips, hips and finger tips were beautiful and wanted.

    But to answer your question, the sexy curvaceous bodies of black women are genetic and is just in our making.


    Source(s): I am a black woman w/ curves
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    do you want a real scientific answer? if so then natural selection more specifically sexual selection. in some african all the way to african american societies "curvaceous bodies" were more desirable so these woman would have a better chance to produce offspring and pass on the traits of that. of course these are just theories.

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    That's stupid. Not all black women got curvy bodies and many white girls have too.

    What about latin women? Indian? There are curvy women in every race.

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    I dont know, but ermmmm Im mixed blk and white.. I guess I was blessed, but Im abou to have a baby in about 5 months.. so you Im not going to braag!!

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    You checked out the latino population...aye carumba!!!

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    its because of their diets. tha food they eat while growing up. thas why their bodies turn out beautifull and curvaceous..

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    Genetics... lucky ladies.

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    Hey, Mexicans have their stuff too.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's all in the genes. True story!!

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    Thank you :)

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