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If it rained 1 inch over a square mile area, how many gallons did it rain?? (not homework help,just curious)?


Thanks, JTT-awesome job !!! I thought it would be an amazing amount.!!

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    1 mile = 5,280 feet = 63,360 inches.

    square that to get 4,014,689,600 square inches.

    multiply that by the 1 inch depth of the rain to get the same number: 4,014,689,600 cubic inches of rain.

    231 cubic inches per gallon, so you divide 4,014,689,600 cubic inches by 231 to get 17,378,742 gallons.

    Which blows my mind because I never thought of it in those terms. That's a lot of water!

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    624 gallons puts an inch on 1,000 sqft

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    1500 gallons

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    What a shame !!! as we still can't find enough fresh water

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    yep, and we let most of it go right back into the ocean.

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