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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

Why do Muslims say to me "you will regret what you say about Islam" and never say why I will regret it?

"You will regret what you say about Islam Las Vegas Steve!!!!!".


I assure you, if Islamic heaven exists, I want it...and if Islamic hell exists, I definetly dont want it although I cant see how it would be different than the Islam on earth.

Heres the problem Muslims, in order for ME to believe you, I need a good reason. See, in many non-muslim countries, us kafir/infidel/unbeliever (insert any other islamic dehumanizing term) often get something called an "education". As a result, we are taught to learn all sides of an issue and not simply follow the herd, or bend-over for Allah when everyone else does. Follow?

So, I assure you, if you could ever ever give me some fricking reason to believe that I am heading for hell, I will stop my exercise of free speech and end the analysis of Islam online...afterwhich I will immerse myself in the islamic single sex lifestyle and bend-over for allah 5 times a day...JUST GIVE ME A GOOD REASON!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They have sent me hella nasty grams and threats too Steve. Just laugh and take it with a grain of salt. In case some of them are brainiacs, I would suggest reading your constitution and knowing your rights. Don't be afraid of having a mini-armory in your home, with the state of the world, it is now necessary.

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  • 1 decade ago


    I think your faith is guided by The Creator, so you dont really need a reason to believe in anything. Faith is without reason as you know.


    If you really need a reason, how about this:

    Islam is the only religion in the world right now that holds on to:

    1.worshipping and that includes 'bowing down' both literally and figuratively, to NO ONE but the One Being that is the Power of the Universe.

    2. we do not put anyone in between us and God...each person has his or her own relationship with God and NO ONE will pay for my sins, but I.

    3. (as if the first 2 were not enough) were the only religion that doesnt bash the rest of Gods prophets, cause theres One God, and One essential message, throughout the ages.

    If none of the above appeals to your reasoning or logic man, then youre not a man of faith afterall ^^ youre an evolutionist.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Islam 400-500 yrs behind Christianity .

    400- 500 yrs ago we were burning 'witches' at the stake, had the Spanish Inquisition, fought against Rome, Rome fought against Protestants......... see any familiarity?

    Everybody thought they were fighting for 'Truth' and every body else was going to 'Hell'

    Millions dead in the name of God or Allah!

    Aren't humans great!?

    Peace be with you!


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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, if you've been told that you're going to hell by a Muslim, then they're probably saying that just as a threat because they don't know what Allah has in store for you. I appreciate the fact that you're not bad-mouthing our religion, but I think that the answer you're looking for is going to be discovered someday. Maybe soon, no one knows.

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    1 decade ago

    The Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HF) said:

    No creature can ever discharge his obligations to God unless he comprehends those (obligations). All the worshippers weighted together can not reach the height of excellence of a wise man. The men of reason who are the possessors of understanding minds about whom Allah said: `... But none will grasp the Message except men of understanding. '

    Usul al-Kafi, Arabic-English version, part 1, pp 30-31, Tradition #11

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  • 1 decade ago

    I use to be Catholic and converted to islam. I have a brain, and got an education. I obtained a law degree at university. I am not a sheep.

    Muhammad's call was the call of all the Prophets, worship God alone. Look at Moses's reaction when he saw his people worshipping the calf..Jesus would have a similar reaction if he saw you worshipping him....All the Prophets called mankind to worship God alone

    God says in the Qur'an there is no compulsion in religion, and that truth stands clear from error. may Allah guide you

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  • 1 decade ago

    wow, this is what i called selective ignorance. one who intentionally denies to look at the events of 100AD and what his church and Arch Bishop did to his Holy Book. how come have you forgotten the events during the 14th century French Revolution that even went to the extent of revolutionising the Holy Bible. and even today, many people use Bible and Biblic rules as per their convenience. why dont you give us a break and give yourself a break too.

    how do you intend to face Jesus with such an attitude?. how come christians dont follow the religion of Jesus -- sure Jesus wasnt a christian and all he wanted was his people will follow His God. and what answer will people be giving when Jesus would ask about his Bible and will find it distorted in every age?. christians themselves are destroying their Bible everyday -- by not folowing the TRUE teachings of Jesus. when one doesnt follow the Bible as per the commandment of God and teachings of Jesus, then how will they face their God?. and do you think that Jesus will accept those who do not follow his teahings?. how come you forgot what he says in Matthew 10:34-38, where Jesus says that those who dont follow my teachings are doomed..

    practise what you preach and preach what you practise. Live and Let Live.

    have a nice day.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's easy to threaten when it's not face to face. Not just Muslims, but Christians and atheists do it too.

    Everyone is defensive of their faith, and insulting it is like insulting one's own mother or father. It's such a personal thing.

    I might suggest however, that you reduce the sarcasm in your questions/statements if you are seeking answers other than you will rot in somebody's hell somewhere lol

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  • Skippy
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    1 decade ago

    Swap Christianity for Islam and you are expressing my exact opinion of Christianity!

    When muslims say "you will regret..." they are essentially saying the same thing christians do whent they say "Unless you accept Jesus as your personal saviour, you will condem yourself to Hell"

    All religions are con games. Islam is no different.

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  • 1 decade ago

    We are infidels in their eyes especially if you are an American and consider yourself as a christian. They'd rather strap a bomb to themselves and see just how many of us they can take out at once by blowing themselves up in some public place.

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