Know about hindi poems? Please help. Genuine answerers only?

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Thank you. Well I need the names and a short defination of the rases of hindi poem. I know there are 9 of them. I know about veer ras, shaant ras, hasya ras and shringar ras. So more
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  • raj answered 8 years ago
as i understand there ae nine rasas known as the navarasas
they are
1.shringara rasa-erotica/romance or the nayaka nayaki bhava
2.hasya rasa-the comic
3.karuna rasa-compassion
4.raudra rasa-anger
5.vira rasa-bravery
6.bhayanaka rasa-manifestation of fear
7.bibhatsa rasa-disgust
8.adbhuta rasa-amazement
9.shanata rasa-tranquility

i hope it helps
yes by the way i do know hindi and a little bit of sanskrit
good luck and god bless

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I usually dont select a best answer for any of my questions but you got it. Well odne bro. So we have it- you best in languages. Supercool
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