If we all came from Adam and Eve, who were white, how did we get Chinese, Blacks, and Mexicans, etc.?


Like Chinese, for instance, how did they get slanted eyes? Adam and Eve didn't have that, so where did different ethnicies come from?

Update 2:

To Devil'sadvocate, even if A&E did come from Africa, how do you explain how we got white people?

Update 3:

Sorry everyone, I don't know what race adam and eve were, but still, even if they were Chinese or African, or White...how did we get EVERY OTHER race in the world today?

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    If you believe in Adam and Eve, I would say they must be black, because studies of human genetic variation do imply that Africa was the ancestral source of all modern humans. Most races on earth, including Europeans, Asians, and Native Americans, were found to be a single related group resulting from a later out-migration from Africa, which could reasonably be divided into Oceanic branch and Eurasian groups.

    Humans are all related. The Eurasian branch split into the Europeans and East Asian branch. Remember, this happened about 150-300 thousands years ago. The Europeans moved North and the East Asians moved East. Because people live in higher latitude will always attempt to have lighter skin color and the Europeans have been living in Europe for so many thousand years, their skin color and facial characters have all changed. That's why there are white people on earth.

    Have you seen African Americans whose color is light like brown people? That's because America is generally colder than Africa, and African Americans moved here two hundred years ago. If they live longer (like another ten thousand years), they'll look like brown people (both color and face), and so far so on.

    Ok, as I was saying, the other Eurasian sub-branch was East Asians. They divided themselves into two groups: eastern Russians and Eastern Asians. The eastern Russians moved to Siberia in Russia, and the Eastern Asians moved to the Middle East.

    The eastern Russians migrated from Siberia across the Bering Strait about 10 thousand years ago and they formed the Native Americans. Then the Native Americans moved south to form the Mexicans.

    For the Chinese, they are a mix of the eastern Asians and the Southeast Asians from the Oceanic branch. Maybe that explains why they are smart. All the mixed people I know are smart.

    The other group of the oceanic branch, the pacific islanders, moved to Pacifics, that includes Australia, New Guinea, and Hawaii. They formed the Maolis in Hawaii and Australian aborigines.

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    There is nowhere that I know of that says that Adam and Eve were white or any other color, or what shape their eyes were. We can only assume any answer to that question. Here in the west we see pictures depicting Adam and Eve as white, but if you go to South America or the Middle East their pictures would depict them as brown skinned. In Africa I am sure that they will give black skin to the Bible characters, and in the Far East people have always thought of them as oriental looking. There is really no way to know the truth about Adam and Eve.

    However, to make a logical deduction about the subject, we can pretty much assume that Adam and Eve were probably somewhere in the Middle East. So, therefore, it is quite possible that they were olive skinned or brown skinned with dark hair and eyes.

    It really does not matter in the least what color they were because that will never change the actual message of the Bible. Jesus admonished the Pharisees because they were bent on paying attention to the details of Mosaic Law and disregarded the messages and moral precepts that God sent us through the prophets. It is the message of God that matters most, and if we pay a lot more attention to that, we will be alright.

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    More mythical bible quotes, man I don't know what it will take to cure the brain washed religious insanity that makes people believe that Adam and Eve ever existed, I cannot believe the insane mentality and total lack of common sense in people today, people have become so panic stricken from Jesus coming back, to the world coming to an end, literally believing every word in the bible to be absolute truth, people have simply taken leave of their senses, Its a world gone mad with religion in my opinion.

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      You are incredibly close minded and ignorant to what was put into your heart, the day God made you. You just choose to ignore it and think this dot we call earth is all there is...you know instinctively what you should be doing! And you know it!

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    Not only is the concept of Adam and Eve funny, but your statement is even funnier. If Adam and Eve existed how do you know what race he or she were?

    I guarantee that he or she surely wasn't white coming from the Middle East two thousand years ago.

    Oh, early man comes from Africia and they believe the Bush people are the closest to early man. Genetics say to look at the features of the Bush people and you will see the Asiatic features. White people are actually mutations.

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    Oh my goodness... Adam and Eve were white? You have some secret time machine that can take you back to see what race they were?

    The fossil records clearly show that the first humans were found in Africa and while there are whites in Africa, they were not the aboriginal people of that continent.

    As far as I'm concerned, the existence of all the different races would be proof to me of NO god because the current reality doesn't support the biblical evidence.

    Please educate yourself before spouting your ethno-centric crap here. Thanks ever so.

    Source(s): Here is what a Christian website has to say on how the different ethnic groups and skin colors came to be, using the bible as science: http://www.christiananswers.net/q-aig/race-skincol... If you want the facts, read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_skin_color and http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/library/07/3/tex...
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    That is a good question, but I need to ask this first, what makes you think that Adam and Eve were white? I don't know the bible all that well, but I don't believe there is any reference to them [Adam and Eve] being from any particular race, white, black, whatever.

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    This is one of those questions that is hopelessly explained by the Bible and yet is perfectly explained by evolution. The short version is, we did not all come from Adam and Eve. The long version, for those who need it, was in the education you missed.

  • Who said Adam and Eve were white, or more correctly, Caucasian? We do not know what their skin color or features were like. All races descended from the three sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, after the flood. So you have Semitic people descended from Shem, including Jews and Arabs. You have Hamitic people descended from Ham, including some people groups from the continent of Africa, et al. And then the Japhetic people descended from Japheth, mostly of European origin today.

    Source(s): The Bible, and you can find some of what you are looking for at www.1911encyclopedia.org
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    Wouldn't Adam and Eve have been African, since according to the fossil record that's where humans first showed up?

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    If you buy into the bible, it was god's way of punishing people by making them speak differently and changing their skin different shades of non-white.

    If you think about it rationally you will realize it is micro evolution. The darkest people are in the deserts along the equator while the pale giants invaded from the north.

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