Natural remedy for sinus, nose block, heaviness in the head and associated headache?

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Nasal congestion especially when you sleep at night, heaviness in the head and associated headache.
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Take the Homeopathic remedy NUX VOMICA 200 once a day before going to bed it will cure your blocked nose and the heaviness in head along with the headache and make you go to sleep and you will get up in the morning feeling totally at ease without any side effects or complications.
Take care and God Bless you !


I am a Homeopath.

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Thanks a lot. i'll try it. Homeopathy is definitely one of the best in alternative medicine. Hats off for your social service.
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  • pilgram92003 answered 8 years ago
    Eucalyptus to open the sinuses, Peppermint Tea for head aches. It works.
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  • sunshine answered 8 years ago
    Check out this site!
    If your looking for natural, and something that works wonders, this is what ya do! And claritin is not natural.
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  • Dr. Education answered 8 years ago
    Eucalyptus oil
    mustard oil
    ginger oil
    any of the mint oil families: peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen.
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  • GreenEyedSista answered 8 years ago
    I had the same problem until someone answered my question on this site. Works like a charm. Make a solution of salt and water and inhale a small amount in each nostril. I use a baby aspirator (the ones you use to clean out a baby's nose if they have a cold and it looks like a dropper). I was miserable 6 days out of 7 every week. Once I did this it 100% got rid of my problem!
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  • Sandra answered 8 years ago
    Drink lots of green tea and rub some menthol on your chest
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  • waterdancer answered 8 years ago
    Go get 300gm of old ginger...wash it....pound it.....put in pot with 4 glasses of water....boil it over small flame.....till one cup thereabout...... drink it hot....add honey and a fresh lemon squeeze ....
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  • SWM 38 _4_ YOUNG GF answered 8 years ago
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  • idunno answered 8 years ago
    try medical oil that contains methyl salicilate
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