dear athiests, please tell me where have all the socks gone.?

I have the utmost respect for people who doubt there is a God and was an atheist for 15 years.

One of the things that I thought was that there was never any evidence of the supernatural as fact. true by definition since if it is provable by fact then it is not super natural.

I understand the reasoning of not believing in God cuz It is not logical, however let me point out things that are true can not always be explained. there are indications of the obvious being hidden just like God. Socks is my first example.

Tell me where do all the missing sox go. Some in pant legs yes but few or we'd see more on the side walk also not in the machine looked, not in drain looked in the ceptic tank and I use acrylic sox, not misplaced or they would be found, walked on side walks worked on the machines, never saw apile anywhere so where are they, should be a really big pile unless ta da the supernatural?? God takes um so u think about it??

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    Nope it isn't God. If you hang your clothes on a clothesline, your socks would not disappear. It is the spinning of the gas powered dryer which under certain atmospheric circumstances temporarily creates a miniature black hole. The negatively charged socks are attracted to the black hole and the positively charged socks are repelled by the black hole which explains why only one of the pair of socks are lost with each washing and drying cycle. They rematerialize in a parallel universe populated by monopeds who wonder in amazement about why God does not make thunder and lightening when it rains socks. The monopeds are an extremely appreciative lot and give thanks to God for their abundance which is why God favors their universe.

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    maybe you never washed them in the first place and lost them before they even got into the washer. And p s If there is a God I think he would or should have more important things to do then piss ppl off by stealing there socks

    Just buy a bunch of pairs that look alike so if you loose one it does not matter

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    The odd socks morph into wire coathangers! I thought everyone knew that! (look in your wardrobe)

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    Missing socks are misplaced.

    Just like your logic.

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    If you find out where they went - let me know cause I have the same problem - they just disappear.. tons of orphans :(

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    no god dont take em

    its the dryer sock farries ...

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