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    在十一月中,妳就要去台北工作了You will soon be working in Taipei around mid November.雖然我們都很不捨但是我們終究很替你高興Although we really don't want you to go, however, we feel very happy for you希望妳能常回來看我們,也順便買那邊的名產喔.I hope you will come back to visit us more often,and don't forget to buy some of their well-know delicates.之前妳說過,將來如果我們有機會到台北讀書的話,You have also said,if we do go to Taipei for studying purposes,也可以順便照顧我們.You will also look after us讓我很開心,這樣一來我們就可以常常去台北玩了 I am really happy about it.  This way, we will have more reason to go Taiepi

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    As you know, you are going to Taipei on middile of October for the work!


    Althought, we don't want you to go, but we still feel happy for you!


    Hope you could come often to visit us,


    As you told us that you will bring back some famous product of Taipei for us,


    By the way, in the future, if we have a chance to go to the Taipei for studying,


    you can also take care of us.


    That makes me so happy


    and then we can go often to the Taipei city for fun with you!

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    In November, you had to go to Taibei to work  Although our all verymuch shed but we eventually very much for you happily did not hope youcan often come back looks at us, also while convenient buys the thatside the famous product oh  Before you has said, future if we willhave the opportunity will study to Taibei, also will be allowed whileconvenient to look after us  Let me be very happy, then we wereallowed frequently to go to Taibei to play

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