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復學之後,除了該學期在校成績還是維持在班上前2名外,我在學校期間即利用課餘時間打工以減輕家中及自己生活費的負擔。該學期結束後,為想離家中更近方便幫忙分擔家計,也想更進一步就讀在國內、外享有盛名,學術交流往來頻繁的學校,於是參加了 OO大學93學年度第二學期轉學考,在眾多考生當中脫穎而出,以正取第一名錄取。



~☆Pink Strawberry☆~^^大大你好,我收到了,謝謝你,我還有些需要翻譯,能請你再幫我嗎?

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    I am OOO, born in the place of the simple and honest breath - OO naturally in 1983.

    There are 4 members in all in my family. Father, mother, younger brother and I. While as a child, I live in a happy family, it was kind that parents looked after younger brother and I, mother is a traditional housewife, will all supervise previewing and review of younger brother and I in the lessons of the school at the home, parents care about our state of studying very much.

    Four years ago, the calamity takes place to change in the family, father engaged in trade and failed, the unemployment has owed a lot of money, lived to make replying in the past in the family. Still studying in I of OO university in the other places at that time, mood did not continued studying, so finish reading to suspend schooling to help home to share the economic pressure in as the same decision resolutely after this term. During this section suspending schooling, I have bought to sell the shop the storekeeper principal personnel in the sports store and quantity, though work these have nothing to do with the undergraduate course department, the working experience lets me touch the persons of different fields in the society, let me experience the society is so tight and severe, let me know how to get along with people and deal with matters in the society too, so, the working experience, have very great inspiration for me, think now importance of academic credentials at the society, make use of working experience is it face all kinds of challenges and should be to the method advancing and retreat already since to train at work too. I think the sense of responsibility is the most important, parents have given me such an idea from small to large, because the sense of responsibility impels me to grow up and study constantly too. No matter study and work a most important one or cordiality, sense of duty and one in thing willing to learn the heart.

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