what helps your boobs grow?

i need help please im flatter than the wall

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    Here is advice and input:

    * To make your butt bigger you can do lunges, squats and kickbacks.

    * Here is an exercise for your boobs: Put your hands in front of your breathing area and put your hands in the position of praying. Put your elbows out and push your hands together really hard then do this repeatedly.

    * To make your boobs appear bigger, twist the front of your bra to push your boobs together. This will make them appear rounder and bigger. For the apperance of your butt, wear tight jeans that push up the butt.

    * These are all myths: rubbing coco butter, powder, or cream on your boobs; putting toothpaste on your nipples; massaging your boobs or nipples; eating corn, meat, corn bread, carrots, spinach, pickles, or anything else; putting hot sauce on your butt or boobs; swimming in cold water or applying ice water. There is no scientific evidence to support any of these.

    * Whoever told you that eating a lot of foods will help get you thick is WRONG. Eating junk foods and candy will only help in putting on sloppy weight. It will make you FAT, NOT THICK. Remember that. The types of foods you should be eating if you're trying to gain the right weight is protiens, so make an effort to put more protiens in your diet. You can eat good carbs (like wheat bread, brown rice) and not the bad stuff (potatoes, white rice). Also, eat more calories than you normally burn and keep cardio excercise to like 2 times weekly. To gain a bigger backside, you need to lift weights. And not light weights, I'm talking about heavy. In order to make muscles grow you must lift heavy. I suggest starting with light weights at first though so you won't stress or pull a muscle. Get accustomed to light weights before working with a heavier set. If your lifting weights and you don't feel a good burn in your butt after 15 or so repetitions than it's time to use heavier weights. Also, don't be dissapointed or discouraged and stop exercising if you don't see results right away because this isn't some kind of overnight miracle. This takes time and effort and in time, maybe a few weeks to a month or so, you'll see the results you've been looking for.

    * A bigger butt can only be gained through weight training/lifting. Lifting heavier weights will shock the muscles and make them grow bigger. If you use light weights, it will only shape and tone and not make the muscles bigger. Also, after sometime you'll need to get heavier weights so that the muscles can continue to grow. If you're using the same weight your muscle will adjust to it and therefore not allowing it to grow any bigger.

    * You are born with the body that you are meant to have. It's mostly genetics, so why sweat it? Besides, you don't want guys who like you just because you have nice boobs or a big butt. It may seem nice and flattering if you don't get much attention from guys, but it's not!

    Hopefully it will help full for you.

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    What Helps Boobs Grow

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    And you say that like it is a bad thing. Don't let something like that be an issue. The biggest problem that we hiave today is the poor self body image that women have. They either want bigger boobs, or smaller everything else. It's like a sociatal obsession. If you don't feel good about yourself then a bigger rack sin't going to help. If nothing else you will start to question whether it is you or the new chest that is getting the attention. Wome are no more defined by their bra size than men are by...the size of their...well, you know...but society as a whole tries to convince us otherwise. Look at fashion magazines, how many of those girls have large boobs. Most are pretty small in that area and no one complains.

    BE who you are, not what you think you should be based on some unrealistic ideal, or what you think others want you to be....beleive me everyone will be better off...

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    Nothing will make it grows bigger. Sorry to tell you but it's genetics. If you want you boobs to grow bigger than you can try gaining weight. Boobs are from fat tissue gaining weight may help but if you loss the weight you will go back to your normal size. You can get some push up bra to help you have fuller breast. They also have those fake looking breast you can wear to help you looking fuller. Last but not least plastic surgery. will fixed your problem...

    Sorry to tell you but those pills that they advertised none of them will help. I have friends who tried them all and seem to be disappointed.

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