California Adventure Roller Coasters?

Are the roller coasters at California adventures scarey and fast? to know why i'm asking this question, go to this link.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The main rollercoaster at California Adventure is the smoothest I have ever ridden. I don't think there are any other rollercoasters in the California Adventure section. I know what you mean that you don't like the drops because I used to be the same way, but I realized it's best to pretend you're flying, running really fast, or that it's one of those great dreams where you can do anything.

    If it's surprises you're worried about, you should know that that rollercoaster doesn't start off going up a huge chain. Instead, it rolls slowly around a turn and stops. It then powers you forward very very quickly and shoots you up the first hill. It waits for different lengths every time, so it's useless to try to count, it will surprise you no matter what. It seems to me that they planned out all of the physics very well and every turn, climb and drop are at just the right angles so they are comfortable.

    There is one loop that goes in front of the mickey symbol. If you have never been on a loop before and it freaks you out, don't worry about it. Since you are going around in a circle, it feels like you are being sucked to the seat and everything else is just turning around.

    As far as rollercoasters go, that one is great for someone who is afraid of them. I would suggest doing it once, and if you don't like it and they want to do it again, tell them you don't want to and you can wait for them to get off. You can even stand on the path that goes over where they shoot off initially. It might be awkward temporarily, but people forget about that sort of thing very quickly.

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    The main roller coaster, California Screamin' is fast but I wouldn't necessarily say it's scary. Like the other person said, it's a very smooth ride. It also takes off very quickly from the start so there isn't any of that nervous suspense that's built up from the roller coaster creaking slowly up the first hill. There's the standard drops and I think one loop but the smoothness of the track prevents your stomach from jumping around too much.

    If you find California Screamin' to be a bit too much try Mulholland Madness instead. It's a "wild mouse" style roller coaster (very fast turns and it's designed to make you feel like you'll fly right off the track at any second). It's much smaller and shorter in duration. It has a couple of hills but neither one is very big. (think the first drop from Pirates of the Caribbean but a little steeper).

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    1 decade ago

    The main roller coaster of California Adventures( California Screamin') is real scare as it has a loop, it has an incredible speed and height, but others at Disneyland and California Adventures are real mild which are not at all scary!!

    Go for it and have fun!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    um I thought they were kind of weak, personally.

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