Anyone know of a small town feeling neighborhood in Charlotte?

We are considering moving there but don't want to feel disconnected in a big city. We are looking for an area where we can walk to the library, the ice creme store and school every day. I have 3 (soon 4) small children. I need that typical small town feel! I need locations I can look up online for directions, I am not familiar w/Charlotte. Wish us luck!


I think we will look on the north side of the city, that's where the job is....

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    Welcome to NC! If you're not here already.. i just moved to Statesville, NC from MD in July.. it's great, Statesville is building up, and can be conjested at lunch time but outside of the main street, it's a quite, friendly place to live, and the city is not too far. Check out Olin, Taylorsville, Mooresville and other cities around the city- Charlotte. Good luck..!

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