Downstairs bathroom toilet smells and clogs easy with toilet paper.?

My downstairs bathroom has a slight sewer odor throughout the year and the toilet has clogged easily ever since I moved into this house. Could it be a venting issue? I looked in the attic but can't figure out which one it would be. Also noticed the toilet drain exits in the basement and makes a tight 90 degree turn right after leaving the toilet and this could be the clogging issue...Don't know. Any suggestions.


The house was built 5 years ago so the toilet flushes fine and is still fairly new.

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    the smell may be coming from the toilet it's self. the wax seal that seals the toilet at the floor maybe be broken and that would let a small amount of sewer gas into the house. this can be fixed by re-setting the toilet. As for the getting clogged easily may be two things. all toilets have a 90* turn under them so thats not the problem---how old is the toilet?? ck the water level in the tank ? is there enough water in the tank for a proper flush.......if so then it may be a vent problem. was this toilet put in as a remodel work?? or was it there from day one?? You may have to open the wall behind the toilet to see if there is a vent for it if not then you may have to get a plumber out to istall one-------- good luck

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    You should call a plumber to check things out for you. There might be a clog that can be taken care of, but I'm guessing that the sharp turn in the plumbing is going to cause a lot of problems. Ideally, you should replace the toilet (if it's old and stinky all by itself) or just the inner tank fixtures if it's not flushing very strong. You probably should have the pipes re-routed a bit to make it drain better. Best of luck!

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    Have you tried a plumb's snake??? If the family that lived there before you had kids they might have flushed something down they shouldn't have. A tight 90 degrees doesn't help,either. You might want to replace it later.

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    Lift the seat up.

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    call a plumber

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