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what is the 'serial access' in computers?

i think it's also known as sequential access too. what r the disadvantages of this term as well? thx

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Pertaining to the sequential or consecutive transmission of data into or out of a device, such as a computer, transmission line, or storage device.

    2. A process by which data is obtained from a storage device or entered into a storage device in such a way that the process depends on the location of that data and on a reference to data previously accessed. Synonym: sequential access.

    Source(s): wikipiedia
  • 1 decade ago

    Your COM1 port is a serial port. It sends bits into the bus in series. It's main disadvantage is that it is much slower than a parallel port. Parallel ports [usually labeled LPT1] send bits in parallel. So, serial [or series] sends a bit one after another, a parallel port sends 8 bits at a time. I haven't seen a computer with a COM1 port being used in a few years. It was mainly for the mouse or maybe a handheld PDA or something, but nowadays the PS2 port or USB port is used for peripheral devices.

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