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has anyone used INTELLUS to do a background check on someone? did you get a lot of info? was it worth$40 ??

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    I did use INtellus. I got lots of information that I was able to interpret that something was amiss.

    I got names of neighbors too, so was able to call them and get a character testimony...even got a lead from that to the x-wife.

    I got "former" addresses, and length of time at them...

    from all of this, I was able to determine that I did NOT want to meet the man I was having investigated, because he had a felony record, and also had done things for which he was never caught.

    I would use Intellus again.

    A good rule of thumb,

    RED FLAGS for you to run away are:

    1. You find too many former addresses in a short amount of time

    such as 5 in 10 years is far too many,

    (unless the guy is a "contractor" that is in the business of flipping houses).

    2. Short time at addresses may mean job switching, and that's not good as to a person's stability.

    3. Job switching also means likely no "retirement" savings in effect.

    4. If he rushes to meet you on HIS time schedule, and wants to leave everything behind him to start new with you...that's not normal !!!

    5. No friends is bad.

    6. Family that does not want anything to do with him is suspicious.

    7. A history of drugs or drinking, usually means he'll do it again, when he's off guard.

    8. Him telling you "I want to marry you" too quickly is suspicious.

    9. Him asking questions about your small children, offering to take care of them while you work is scary !!!

    10. Him being married numerous times is scary.

    There are many things you need to look at very carefully.

    Think with your Brain hard and long before getting into a relaitonship with someone that you know little about.



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  • only if you can't find the information anywhere else, if you need to pay for it, that's a good place.

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