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Is it ok to keep dwarf gouramis and guppies and platies together? Are they all compatible?

Would it be ok for me to keep a couple of gwarf gouramis, some guppies, and some platies all together in a 20 gallon aquarium? If I have a couple of dwarf gouramis, how many platies and guppies could I keep safely in a 20 gallon tank?


and a bottom feeder.

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    yes. just be sure the gouramis arent too aggressive. you can get about 5 more guppies and maybe 5 platies.

  • raab
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    4 years ago

    in the dimensions of tank you have i might only shop on with one male Dwarf Gourami. I had one male and one woman in a seventy 5 gallon (sorry do not understand the metric equivalent, we could only say huge) tank alongside with one hundred or so guppies, mollies etc. The male ended up loss of existence for some reason i've got not discovered. besides the Dwarf Gourami is an exceedingly territorial fish. As for having 4 on your length tank it would be way too crowded with the fish you have already got. Dwarf Gourami's and maximum different Gourami's are large only residing with themselves using fact the only one. Oh and with one you are able to come across a shrink in the style of Guppy fry you have. So get purely one male Dwarf Gourami or you may get a pair of ladies human beings. additionally like Betta's (comparable relatives) male Dwarf Gourami's are very violent (in my observations) in the direction of the female of the species. the only reason you will possibly want adult males and girls human beings together is to reproduce which isn't the least confusing element. the only reason I have been given mine together replaced into using fact the shop proprietor certain me they have been the two adult males. in case you had a tank two times the dimensions of yours 2 adult males might have sufficient space to each have a territory and there does not be too lots combating. As for Platies... Like a male guppy a male platy could have a sharp fin alongside his abdomen and a woman could have a rounded fin. stable success and chuffed fish protecting.

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    Yes I have platty, and dwarf together. The bottom feeder won't bother the gourami, but a chinese algae eater, and a common pleco will grow to a foot in length, and may eat your guppies.

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