ISP help? installed IM now cannot connect to internet without reinstalling my ISP everytime.?

I have called my ISP (Highstream) they said uninstall IM and don't use it. I'm sure there must be a way I can connect to the web without reinstalling my ISP every time. Has anyone else had trouble with this? How do I fix it?

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    1 decade ago
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    You've got a conflict my freind.

    One workaround might be to restore your computer to an earlier time before the problem started.

    Then go to a "different" web page source to install your IM.

    Why? Because I believe the problem may lie in the version or coding from your IM download source.

    Don't believe the problem would be with the ISP, nor the must be the source. Find a different source.

    (UNinstall the version of IM from that initial source that you have now. Before going forward).

    Then make sure your ISP is running well

    Next go back to an earlier Restore Point

    Last find a different source to get the download you want.



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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    check your netsoftware settings

    call your (isp)server say listen i pay for the net if you cant fix this for me i will move to other net server


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