in football stats, what does PF and PA stand for?

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    PF =Points For ( Points Your Team Scored)

    PA = Points Against (Points your Team Allowed other team to Score)

    as the season goes on they keep adding up the total.

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    in football stats, what does PF and PA stand for?

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    PF stands for points for(how many points scored for the season by that team)

    PA stands for points against(how many points that team has allowed)

  • 1 decade ago

    PF = points for

    How many points the team has scored in the season

    PA = points against

    How many points their opponents have scored

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    Pa Acronym

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    What about PF/G and PA/G....What does the G stand for?

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    I think Points Forced, and Points Against.

    PF is how many points you've scored (usually the entire season)

    PA is hwo many points other teams have scored on you.

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