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OK Let's try again. WHY don't you trust Bush and/or the big oil companies?

What makes you think there is collusion, price fixing, manipulation of supply, etc. in order to keep the price at the pump at a high level. If they did that, the why didn't they do it from 1985 to 2000?

By the way, I am NOT "Whining" over $3 per gallon gasoline. In fact the Gov should slap another Buck a gallon tax on it AS LONG AS IT GOES EXCLUSIVELY TOWARD HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION, MAINTENANCE, AND REPAIR.

Now let's hear from those who believe Big Oil is guilty of illegally keeping the price too high.


If you are concerned about profit margins, then consider: Exxon Mobil's revenue in 4th quarter of '05 was &100,000,000,000. Their profit on that was $9,900,000,000. This is about 10%, which is about the average for all American industry. Pacific Gas & electric made a 14.7% profit.

Ref.msn money.com key ratios. Exxon is making a lower margin than the S&P 500

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    I trust them "doofuss", and appreciate their ability to keep supplies intact.

  • Mike J
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    1 decade ago

    I dont know that they are illegally doing it, but take a look at the profit margin over the years

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