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is it true blonde people are genetically stupid?

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    You can trace the concept of the "stupid blonde" to the excellent acting ability of Gracie Allen of the Burn and Allen comedy team.

    Although Gracie was a brunette, she later dyed her hair blonde. She was the comic to George Burn's straight man. Her character was called "Dumb Dora," although later she just played herself.

    This started the concept of the dumb blonde which became so popular that it still exists today.

    Burns: "Say Goodnight, Gracie."

    Allen: "Goodnight, Gracie."

    Marilyn Monroe later pick this up and developed it further. Goldie Hawn and others continued.

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    Um, yeah. That's why so many brunettes dye their hair. That's why blondes managed to design a luxury convertible that is comfy in winter. That's why several countries dominated by blondes happen to have some of the best environmental histories among industrialized countries.

    No, hair color, eye color, amount of pigmentation anywhere in the human body has nothing to do with intelligence. In fact, except in pathological cases genetics probably has very little to do with intelligence period-- most variability seems to stem from variables in nutrition, harmful background pollutants, nurturing provided by caregivers, and opportunities to explore interesting environments.

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    Who ever said that was jealous at blondes!

    Stupidity is not genetical! Ask Bush Jr.. if U have any doubt about it!

    Good Luck!

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    Human females, who paint their hair blond, sometimes signify lack of self esteem, that could indicate low intelligence levels.

    Human males, who do the same , show an even stronger indication of the above.

    Natural blonds are certainly not different from natural black, brown or red haired people in their level of intelligence

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    It's just like the blonde people may think brown-hair or black-hair people are stupid. I may say "whoever judges the stupidity through hair color is stupid."

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    of direction that may not genuine and that i in simple terms ought to remark/question on the full jealousy element. maybe you should help me parent this out...why could different females be jealous of somebody percieved as being dumb? Jealousy in simple terms isn't a reason for making that assertion, in spite of if, i will advise that if the stereotype isn't needed then something ought to be completed to alter it. Thank goodness everybody is persons by way of fact if that wasn't the case, this international could be ruined lol.

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    I am sound and sick of "persons" with a bad spelling or/and grammar, on this site.

    Do you really not understand the difference between " the people is" and "the peoples are"?

    Therefore, maybe, nobody understands you question and you will have a lot of stupid anwers.

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    Check me out. I am blonde. Am I stupid?

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    Only in jokes. In real life if this were true then Swedes and Germans Norwegians, would be stupid and it is not so. They are not stupid, they are pretty smart people.

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    Only if peroxide went too far... hehehehe

    I like blonde on me sometimes... otherwise I am a hot brunette, mainly a burgundy red now.

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    blondes are perceived to be prettier so they don't pretend to be intelligent, they've already have one highly desirable asset that most people don't.

    people think blondes are stupid because majority of the population pretend to be intelligent.

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