Can someboody lte me know wats happening on Passions?

For those of you who don't know wat Passions is, it's a soap opera on NBC. I really desperate. i not able to watch it because I have class during the time it comes on. HELP ME!!!

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    Well what I know is that Fancy and Luis are undercover cops:

    Luis is being watched and cannot get to move around freely. While he awaits his back up, Fancy shows up as a stripper. Out of concern for her safety, Luis approaches Fancy and tells her that she should not be there. She tells Luis to leave her alone before her cover is blown. Lester, the club owner is getting suspicious of Fancy and Luis since they showed up unexpectedly. Luis tries to put his mind at ease by turning the tables on him. Luis accuses Lester of being the mole the FBI planted. Fancy chimes in and said that Luis used to visit the club she worked in Boston. Lester took the bait. To make it even more convincing, Fancy has to give Luis a lap dance. She has to maintain her cover as well as Luis'. Lester walks out of the room to handle some business in the back. Luis and Fancy are now alone, but Lester's goons are watching from afar. Luis accuses Fancy of playing games and wants her gone, but Fancy isn't going anywhere. Luis is wondering what's going on in the back room since Lester keeps disappearing. He can't get to snoop because he is being watched, and he has to deal with Fancy. Luis manages to get rid of Fancy for now. Lester wants to get Luis more involved in the operation, and Luis accepts his offer. Lester is not really getting Luis involved. He wants to find out if Fancy and Luis know each other because he thinks something is not right with them. Luis finds out that Lester is running a porn ring. He also discovers that Fancy is the new star of the next porn flick.

    Kay inquires why Fox is unconscious, and Miguel tells her that it's an accident resulting from their one on one basketball game. Kay is worried that the funeral Tabitha saw in the magic bowl could turn out to be Fox's funeral. Tabitha tells Kay that she did not see who was going to die. Fox is ok. He hits his head very hard, and Jared thinks he should be checked out by someone just in case he has a concussion. Fox tells Kay that he does not need a doctor. Both Jared and Chad agree that Miguel and Fox were at war since they were playing such a rough game. Chad leaves to meet with his mystery date. He tells her that he is glad that they came separately because he just ran into someone he knows. Back at Tabitha's house, Miguel and Fox get into another squabble over a broken stove that's not broken. Tabitha had to explain the mess in her house, so she lies about her stove exploding.

    Theresa thinks JT is still in hiding based on confirmation from her Private investigator (PI). She doesn't want JT showing up to spill the beans on Ethan about Little Ethan's true paternity. Whitney asks Valerie if she has seen Chad, and Val tells her that she has not seen Chad in a while. Whitney senses that Val is nervous and shares it with Theresa. Theresa tells Whitney that Val and Chad are not having an affair and to stop worrying. Whitney is not convinced since she has no explanations for Chad's late night phone calls and his late work schedules. Valerie gets a call while she was in with Theresa and Whitney. She asks the caller why she received a call while she was in w/ Whitney and Theresa. Theresa tells Frank, the PI to follow Chad.

    Rebecca asks JT his reason for being in Harmony, and he tells her that he is here to see her. Rebecca promises to meet JT on one condition: He has to find out why Theresa named Ethan in his will to oversee Crane Industries if she dies. Rebecca tells JT that she cannot see him because of Gwen. He tells her not to mention it to Gwen. Gwen and Ethan overheard Rebecca telling JT that Gwen does not have to know, and it's making them both suspicious of Rebecca. Rebecca lies to Gwen and Ethan to cover her tracks. Ethan is not buying Rebecca's explanation. He thinks Rebecca and JT Cornell know why Theresa left him in charge in case she dies. Gwen and Rebecca want to know why Ethan is so fixated on JT all of a sudden. He tells them that it's because of what happened in Rome. Gwen asks Ethan if he believes Theresa, and Ethan tells Gwen that he doesn't believe she had anything to do with leaking the tabloid, but Ethan thinks Rebecca knows JT intimately.

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    The only thing I'd like to add to the first answer is that Pilar finally asked Martin for a divorce.

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