Gallium metal melts at 29.8*C.The density of the solid is 5.90 g/mL, and that of the liquid is 6.10 g/mL?

Does solid gallium expand or contract when it is melted?

What is the change in volume when 5.00 mL (cm3) of solid gallium is melted?

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    1) Since the density of solid Ga is less than the density of liquid Ga, the solid will float on the liquid like ice on water. In other words the liquid Ga is more dense and therefore the Ga actually expands when it freezes and contracts when it melts.

    2) The change in volume can be calculated using the densities of the liquid and solid states. Calculate the density of each state and subtract the two answers to get the change in volume.

    D = m / V 5.90 g/mL = m / 5.00 mL m = ?

    Once you have the mass of the Ga insert it into the density equation along with the density of liquid Ga and calculate the volume of the liquid Ga. Subtract the two answers.

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