Who had the most surprising response when you came out?

Positive or negative, both if you have them.


Randy W

I think you should reconsider dropping off the face of the earth. It's better those daughters know the truth and be given a chance to accept you.. or reject you, rather than you disappearing. They will believe you abandoned them.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My mother- At first I thought she was mad- then we talked in depth and I was very surprised she thought SHE did something wrong... Also she still loved me1! I think she was more dissapointed because she knew what the world would do to me... She even confessed to me some of her faults and said If I aceppted her she accepted me- I was most scared to tell her and she was the last one to know- I wish I had given her more credit for the loving person she was. my fear held me back from a lovely discovery! We have been very close every since!

    negative? Well some of my friends left- they said they couldn't handel it- funny just 1 day before they loved me and sharing with them my true feelings changed thier love? way wrong... but then they were not TRUE friends then huh?

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  • 1 decade ago

    All of my coming outs have been positive. I have taken it slow and came out one at a time widening my circle of friends as it seemed appropriate.

    Not had a negative one yet but I am only coming out at work and it is not something that I will tell my family. I will be disappearing in a few years my family will not know what happened to me. I am not coming out to them. they are a bunch of bigots and will just cause me trouble it seems less cruel to just let them think I dropped off the earth than to let them know the truth.

    The hardest part is loosing my three daughters but they have been raised baptist and they will have too much shame associated with having a homosexual father so I will just let them think I didn't love them than to think I would make them live with that. I love them too much to put them through this. My lawyer will handle the child support and I will change my name and vanish as far as they are concerned.

    Source(s): Life in the bible belt. LOL
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My grandma, she is a bit on the not-quite-with-it-side, and I had to be explicit in defining what a "lesbian" is to her.

    It was more embarrassing than anything else, but when she finally caught on she seemed accepting.

    But she had just had her meds so it may have been that - when I visit her now she doesn't mention it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My mom: she never saw it coming. She said "But you had SO MANY boyfriends!!"

    Ummm yeah.... ya think maybe that's why there were so many??

    She said "I would have expected this from your brother maybe... not you."

    LOL... sure my brother is thrilled to hear that.

    My friends, several of them, said "Well it's about time! I knew all along!"

    That just floored me.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When I came out to my family, most of them said they already knew. It completely threw me how casually they said it. lol.

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