Wondering about laptops with "integrated" video cards?

I've been advised not to get one. But I'm not exactly sure what makes a video card integrated. If I buy a Dell, and upgrade it to an Nvidia 256 VRam card, is it integrated if dell installs it before they ship it to me?


I plan on playing games with it, and they offer the option of an nvidia with vram, and I'm going to get it, I was just wondering if it was "integrated" because Dell installed it, not me. That and I'm dumb with computers.

Update 2:

Can't choose you as best answer yet, so thanks in advance.

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    If for general laptop use - email, net surfing, word etc

    Integrated is fine - you will not notice the difference


    If you want to play games/video manipluation etc

    Get a dedicated graphics card (nvidia/ati)


    Integrated uses memory sharing with cpu (slower)

    Dedicated has it own memory on the graphics card - allows faster graphic movement etc (required for games/video etc)

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  • 1 decade ago

    No no. An integrated card is a video card that has memory integrated in the CPU memory. Basically, the card uses the same memory the CPU does - this saves everyone money, but leads to choppy graphics if you are trying to play Counterstrike (or any other game), and don't even try using a high quality graphics program. A dedicated (the opposite) are those ATI 9800s and nVidia Geforces you get. They are basically extra memory and a GPU (graphics processing unit - like a CPU but only works on your graphics). This means instead of sharing memory space with the CPU, the graphics on your computer now have their own place. This gets you much better performance. If Dell installs the card, its not integrated. Integrated graphics means you have NO VIDEO CARD. However, dell overcharged for this service. I would with the base model and buy a video card yourself. You will get a great deal (note - ATI is generally better deal for the price, and usually outperforms an equivalent Nvidia card). It easy to install too. Just turn off your comp, unscrew the back of the tower, stick the card in the slot, install the software that comes with it and you are good to go.

    IN SUM: No, that would not be intergrated. Integrated graphics have NO CARD and so use CPU memory. They are bad because their performance is subpar. A graphics card is good for gaming, and ATI is the best. Consider buying it yourslef to save some cash...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Actually integrated just means the video is built into the motherboard and only can be replaced by buying a new laptop board. Dedicated cards are separate and can be replaced without a new board....(dedicated cards for laptops arent even available to buy from distributors....Dell has a few out but they are just replacement cards). Integrated does take some of the cpu's power but its really not all that much. Dedicated cards will make your cpu work for itself not for anything else so its a bit faster.

    The 256 Nvidia card is I believe a dedicated card for the laptop. Upgrade video are addons to replace the integrated card. Its only considered integrated if its in the board not really integrated by having Dell install it......lol.....

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  • 4 years ago

    regrettably with laptops the pictures are soldiered on the motherboard alongside with the cpu by way of crampt area. the only areas u can improve is the ram and difficultcontinual and the os of course. u the two ought to purchase a sparkling laptop or perhaps positioned money right into a laptop if ur a gamer as pictures are upgradeble on them

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