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Which is a better example of Christian values:?

Self-righteous Republicans covering for a child predator because he was an excellent fundraiser?


The Amish, turning the other cheek, forgiving, and offering love to the Roberts family?

Sorry, but if you STILL support Bush and the Republicans- from their support of torture to their protection of child predators (btw, abortion is still legal even though the GOP has been in charge)- I question that you have a Christian value system. In a black and white world, I consider you evil. "Values voters" in the Democrat party would benefit the country. Please consider voting Democrat.


Regarding partisanship: Who has been in total control since 2001? The fruits of Republican efforts are rotting away America for generations. I want everybody to vote for the best individual, not the party, but what GOP congressperson isn't supporting the continuing Foley cover-up? I will be voting for Schwarzenegger in CA because he has signed laws on every issue in opposition to his party's national positions. I do vote for the person.

God will, of course, be the ultimate judge. Let Him judge me for being inspired to expose the wolf in sheep's clothing. Do not continue to support the existing Republicans. My individual belief is if you still support Republicans, you are voting for issues that are in direct opposition to the teachings of Christ. Let God judge you.

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    I was touched by the Amish reverend's comments. It reminds me there are still good, true Christians out there. The Pat Robertsons and Bushes make it easy to forget that.

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    Allow me to tell you a little history regarding your golden Democratic party. And the only reason I even bring ANY of this up is because I am so sick of the all the finger pointing about Foley. Here's an idea. Let's blame the guy that propositioned underaged pages. Sound like something we can all agree on? What? You'd rather blame George Bush and Karl Rove. Okay then, how about we do a run down of the leaders of the great moral democratic party:

    1) Bill Clinton - Poster boy for the Blue. Admitted affair with White House Intern while in office. Lied under oath and DISBARRED - no longer allowed to practice law. Alleged rapist and notorious lothario.

    But he's so charismatic!

    2) Edward "Ted" Kennedy - poster boy for lovers of brown liquor. Left a party with Mary Joe Koepechne in Chappaquiddick, MA. Teddy made a wrong turn and drove his car off a bridge. Mary Joe drowned. Teddy called the police though. Ten hours after the accident. But hey, it wasn't his fault. See, also, Patrick "At least I didn't kill anyone" Kennedy, who also has issues with the DUI.

    3) Gerry Studds. In 1983, Gerry Studds bravely came out of the closet, making him the first openly gay US Congressman. During the same House Ethics committee session, Studds also admitted a sexual relationship with a17 year old male page. Studds was elected to five more terms. (See also Dan Crane, a republican representative who admitted having a sexual relatiopnship with a 17 year old female page. Unlike his gay, democratic counterpart, Crane was defeated at the next election.)

    Why do I mention any of this?

    1) Because I can't help laugh anytime the Democratic party points a finger at the GOP criticizing the morality of our leaders. Newsflash - neither party's laundry is as clean as we'd like it to be, so let's stop pretending that we have sole possession of the higher moral ground.

    2) Because Foley is gay. If Foley was a gay democrat, I think that the democratic party would be reacting to GOP outrage by spinning the GOB criticism as "homophobia." But because Foley is a gay republican, he's fair game. This is ridiculous. People should be angry regardless of whether he is a D or an R, or gay or straight. So PLEASE don't talk to me about Democratic or Republcan values. Disgust at Foley's propositioning of an underage page should be a universal, human outrage, not one based on party.

    3) "By the way, abortion is still legal even though the GOP has been in charge?" You are criticizing the GOP because it hasn't made abortion illegal, but if the GOP made abortion illegal, you'd criticize the GOP for doing so.

    4) You say the republicans are covering for a child predator, but then suggest we should turn the other cheek, forgive and offer love? WHAT? You are comment suggests that we should preach forgiveness and love while leading the criminal to the electric chair.

    5) In a black and white world, I consider you an idiot.

    6) I don't vote party lines. I never have, never will. I vote based on the candidate, not the letter next to his name. Please consider opening your mind before you enter the voting poll.

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    I have to agree with soulsearcher, even though it was awfully long. This is the Do-Nothing Congress. They have done the least amount of work out of any Congress in history, and caused the most damage. It is hard to try and make a choice at the polls that you think will make a better change for the future. There needs to be an overhaul of the whole voting and primary process. Two parties is just not enough anymore. I live in California and do not want to vote for Schwarzenegger, but I hate Angelides. However, there is no other choice! Even though I vote Democrat, I just wish that there were more choices than just the better of two evils.

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    Forgive me for saying so, but your 'question' suggests that either you are a tout for the Democratic Party, or you're an eleven year old girl.

    And as for the one who refers to themself as 'soulsearcher', they got SO MANY THINGS WRONG in their piece, they must be your grade six special-ed teacher. Maybe before trotting out the Nazis and the Geneva Convention again (good grief!), both of you might pick up a book - a history book, not 'People' magazine - and do a little reading for a change instead of shouting from a soapbox.

    For the record: I'm neither a Democrat nor a Republican, nor am I even an American, it's just that I take a dim view of such mindless blather as I've read from this pair! Sorry.

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  • Randy
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    I am neither Republican nor Democrat so I love it when their tear into each other, The question has demeaned the Republicans and implies the Democrats have the moral high ground.

    However, the democrat’s also have dirty skirts. They have a member of the Senate who is a confessed killer (using a car driven off a bridge) who used his position and money to get out of any real penalty. No Democrats have suggested he be investigated.

    A pox on both of the parties. It has always been so.

    “Concealment, evasion, fractious combinations, the surrender of convictions to party objects, and the systematic pursuit of expediency are things of daily occurrence among men of the highest character, once embarked in the contentions of political life.”

    Robert Lowe: Editorial in the London Times, Feb. 7, 1852.

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    Don't question my christian value system because I voted republican. That would be judging me and you may know that is wrong. Also do not judge all republicans on one state. my vote only counts in Virginia. I do not care what you are, their is good and evil in democrats and republicans. I am not either,My vote goes to the best man for the job and for all U people whining and crying about G. Bush let me see U do a better job.

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    I am sick and tired of people thinking of Republicans as Christians and Democrats the children of Satan.

    But yes you are right. The Amish set a great example in forgiving the man that killed their children , but in honesty he was dead what else could they do? They know that he is Gods problem now and he will be judged.

    The Bible says that you shall be known by your works...

    That means that hardly any of us are doing at great job at being Christians Republicans and Democrat

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    Christians don't like other Christians forgiving. The Amish practice what they preach. I think they are nuts but at least they are honest about it. Ever listen to republican christians. They like death sentences (Jesus would still have hung on a cross in a republican court). They are for pre-emptive wars but dont give a tinker's dam for other christians suffering in Darfur (read NON-WHITES). Most politically active right wing christians are more about persecuting minorites than turning the other cheek or following the Beatitudes.

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    Howln Wolf is asleep or an idiot or a psychopathic delusional party yes-man. How can he even love the torture of toddlers and babies. What of young virgins raped ? What of acid torture? What of electrical torture over and over again and again on the same victim ? What of a child's head being blown off because daddy does not admit to being a terrorist ? What of a mother who begs for death so that her young son does not get his testes crushed by a vise-grip ? What of gang rape of a 5 year old girl ? All these are torture techniques throughout history. Howln man turn your brain and heart on a**hole !

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Soulsearchers analyses is valid.

    You people have much more to worry about than a republican pederast or the sane response of the Amish to an insane tragedy.

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