how do you add music to a power point presentation, its plays on computers perfect but when i burn the cd?

i burn the cd with family picture, but i want it with music, but it doesn`t sound music what am i doing wrong, i have the miscrosoft 2003 version, i hope someone could answer this question, thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    this worked for me:

    using a cd-rw, burn the music you want to include to your powerpoint presentation. then, when making your powerpoint, "insert" the music from the burned cd-rw (not from the folder from your hard disk). then, when you're ready, burn your powerpoint presentation to the SAME CD-RW which you used to burn the music.

    the principle is, the location of your music in your powerpoint (such as an mp3, wma, etc.) should coincide with the powerpoint burned on your cd.

    well, unless you use the same computer for playing the powerpoint then you wouldn't have any problem...but i assume that you want to play the cd in another pc... =) i hope this helps you!

    Source(s): own experience with ppt
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  • 4 years ago

    definite, you could connect a music record to the PPt presentation. Its in the slide teach component to the academic. bypass to the PPT tutorial, or help record, and use the major words music or narration. There should be exact information there. once you've books on PowerPoint or on Microsoft place of work, the files should be in there as well.

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