is this his real reason?

for those of you who have read my last four questions here is a follow up... okay so today my boyfriend says he wants to stop having sex with me because he is too stressed out that i might get pregnant. is this his real reason? just last night i was worried that he was only in this for sex; but then he says i think i love you or if not i will one day soon. and then he goes and says this to me without me having to bring up the issue. first question is do you think this is the real reason he wants to stop or has he found someone else. second question if his motives are real here then do you think that he really cares about me? or is it still just all about sex? (see past questions for more clarification and info.) thanks you guys!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    he wants to end the relationship. why are you having sex with someone who says he does not even know if he loves you?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you are confusing me...

    go on the pill so you won't get pregnant..

    and yes ..when guys give you stupid excuse it means

    they want out..

    take time to clear you're mind

    you obviously don't need that in you're life right now...


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