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how much does accutane cost and what are they going to test for-they said they are going to do "lab work"

i am 12 and dont have my period


ik about everything and my mom knows what they are doing but i think that she had to go in the bathroom and do something so i dont really want to know--from her!

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    It is EXPENSIVE if you do not have health insurance (the amount depends on your dose, but over $150 a month minimum), but most health insurance covers it now. The blood tests test for pregnancy, liver function, cholesterol, and I'm sure some other things but those are the main ones.

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  • 4 years ago

    i've got faith that folk who're against animal testing are somewhat nutty. which might you rather save? some lab rests so as that they are no longer getting examined on, or a guy or woman, with new drugs or scientific procedures to help them combat ailment, maximum cancers, and so on. To me, human beings's lives are way far extra helpful then what an animal's would be.

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    Nasty birth defects will be caused by this medication. They will test for pregnancy and probably suggest you start birth control pills, patch, or implant. It is very important not to get pregnant while on this medication. Radical medication for a 12 year old

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    I would do some more research before taking this medication. There have been reports of dangerous side effects including suicidal thoughts.

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