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taking baby on vaca?

im a new parent and we are planning on taking our daughter to michigan for christmas (she'll be 9months old) but we've never taken here anywhere more than a few hours away before. and i'm really unprepared for how to do that. we will either be driving or flying. obviously i like to plan things in advance and i was just thinking...what i would take with...and what i wouldnt...any ideas?

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    I traveled alone with my kids ALL THE TIME. I hit the road with each of them when they were 2-3 weeks old. I took a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old to Rome. I flew cross country with them 4 or 5 times a year. I did car trips all the time.

    A nine month old isn't as easy as a 6 week old, but it's still very doable.

    My advice: carry as little as possible with you. You probably won't actually change diapers on the plane unless it's an emergency. So unless your itinerary has you traveling for 12 hours, you don't need tons of clothes or diapers or wipes. You do need some snacks. You need boobs or a bottle. You need a pacifier and his/her lovey, if your child takes one. One really entrancing toy, like a pop-up book or something like that can keep them entertained for a long time at this age. If you carry a sheet with you, you can spread it on the floor at the airport so your child has a place to play. You can use it as a pillow or a blanket or a bib (if you really have to).

    Don't bring a car seat on the plane. They're just a hassle, and your child can fly for free if he/she sits on your lap. I only tried the car seat thing once, and my daughter cried like crazy and I couldn't really comfort her while I had to be strapped in, too. But I NEVER had crying baby problems otherwise.

    An umbrella stroller, though, or a baby carrier, is definitely a good plan.

    At nine months, YOU are your child's favorite plaything. So as long as you're prepared to entertain her, she'll be fine. Make faces. Whisper secrets. Play pattycake. Play peekaboo. "Eat" her belly. You'll feel dumb, but you'll have a happy baby.

    Oh, and most pediatricians will say that you can give your baby Benedryl, to help them be calm and sleepy while flying. I never had to use it. And I was warned by our doctor that although it works for MOST kids, some kids actually have the OPPOSITE reaction! Yikes!

    Driving is OK, too. You need interesting playthings, like big beads on a string, or rattles, or things that sparkle or move. And you just have to plan to stop every few hours and feed/change/play with your daughter. Totally doable, and she'll likely sleep a lot of the way. But it takes longer: a trip that took me 10 hours pre-kids takes about 13 now...

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    I travelled alot with my son when he was under a year old, driving and flying. Always bring a stroller and carseat. Those travel play pens are great to use as a bed. Bring her favorite blanket and stuffed animal. Pack lots of healthy snacks, a baby thats munching on something won't fuss. Those activity center things that fit on carseats and strollers are great for car trips. Plan on stopping and hanging out for awhile about every 2-3 hours enless she's sleeping. I found that driving all night is easier because the baby will sleep the whole time. Your going to want to bring a gallon jug of water from home if its a car trip for her formula if she drinks it. Be sure to pack 2 extra sets of clothes that are really comphy and diapers that are in the back seat, not in the luggage.

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    Personally I would fly depending on where you live the car ride can be unpleasant with frequent stops to change diapers and feed. And they tend to sleep quite a bit so their sleeping pattern can get messed up. But if driving take plenty of diapers and clothes and toys and might be good to get a portable DVD players so she can be intrigued buy the movie on the way there and pack snack foods to hold her over till you get to a place to eat. If flying just pack your normal diaper back with some snacks to hold over and you need to bring a stroller like the umbrella ones just to cart her around in. But also bring things to amuse her self with, also with flying you might want to give some Tylenol for the popping of ears or have her suck on a Binky. Tylenol will also help the baby sleep on the plane. My daughter does really well on the plane sleeps through most of it. So a nine month old should do just fine. IF choosing to fly find times that are close to her sleeping pattern this will help.

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    ok well your obviously gonna wanna take clothes and keep in mind how long your going and are you going to have access to laundry these factors can determine how much to bring. Dont bother bring to much diapers/formula that will be unneccesary cause you can buy it when you get there obviously a car seat is a must a few small toys but dont go overboard 9m olds can be entertained for hours with Anything you have on hand. Dont forget the cam

    P.S I have to disagree with the first post I thought to buy new toys when I went on vacation kids lose interest fast take something she knows and loves that way you KNOW she is gonna play with it

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    It's pretty hectic flying, with the car seat ordeal and people just hate babies on planes. Also, many children cry during takeoff and landing, so give her the pacifier, or bottle to suck.

    It's pretty hectic driving, with the changing of pants and boredom.

    No matter which way you go, buy her some new toys, little ones that can distract her for certain intervals. Take what she eats, and plenty of it. Take anything that is familiar and well-loved.

    Source(s): Mother of four.
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