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Are there cases when John Robert Powers is not a scam?

because the ppls told me that i was the only one they liked out of many others. is there even a small tiny TEEEEEEENY chance that they wont rip me off?

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    They say that to everyone, that's how they "Get You." They feed on your ego. You could weigh 800 pounds and they would tell you, you can model. Did JRP tell you where you would model? Ask them where the girls model (you want names!)

    In the 1940s-1950s, Mr. Powers owned the TOP modeling agency in New York City. His models were on the covers of all of the fashion magazines.

    After his death, his "name" was sold, to anyone with money to purchase a JRP franchise and use his name on a "modeling school," NOT a modeling agency (agencies book jobs for models.) It is NOT necessary to go to school to learn to model.

    Real modeling agencies teach you for free.

    JRP franchise owners use JRP for "name recognition," to attract girls with stars in their eyes.

    A Modeling Agency books modeling jobs for their models. Have you researched whether modeling jobs exist in your city? If you live near one of these stores: Neiman-Marcus, or Saks 5th Avenue, call the Fashion Director, or go to the stores and try to locate him or her and ask how to become a model in your city, and where is the best place to for modeling training. Ask them if they think you have "potential," as a model and what do they recommend you do to model.

    Unless you live in a major city, there is NO modeling industry where you live, magazine publishers, major fashion designers, and television networks, or motion picture studios, soooo, where do you think you will model? Think about it. . . . where will you model?

    If you feel strongly about JRP, do it, but . . . . don't expect to gain anything that can help you become a model.

    If you want to be a model and meet specific age, height, and weight requirements you MUST live in New York City. Do not do this if you are a minor.

    If you are a minor, do not go to Neiman-Marcus, or Saks 5th Avenue, unless a parent goes WITH you, to ask about modeling.

    NYC is the only American city with a REAL modeling industry.

    Go to: and do a search for JRP and see if there are complaints for JRP John Robert Powers in your city.

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  • Mark
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    Is there a case where John Robert Powers is not a scam?

    Well... lets see...

    Is there a case where Spaghetti with meat sauce is NOT an Italian dish?

    Is there a case where Ocean Water does NOT contain salt?

    Is there a case where The President of The United States does NOT live in The White House?

    and, most importantly....

    Is there a case where a Snake is NOT a Reptile?

    Honey... if you were the only one they liked out of all the others, it is because they think you or your parents have lots and lots of money, and would be stupid enough to give it to them.

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  • moodey
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    I did John Casablanca while i became youthful. in my view, it is the persons who do not stick to themselves to that variety of stuff that seem lower back on it and picture it became a scam. I found out a collection with reference to the movie/Modeling marketplace and the thank you to get into it and what it takes as properly. It wasn't ordinary money that became positioned all the way down to do it, yet i'm happy i did do it. I found out a collection approximately myself, met some cool human beings (and not so cool human beings) an prolonged the way. useful, i did not get something tangible out of it, yet i atleast found out the ins & outs with reference to the marketplace. i don't be apologetic approximately that throughout any respect. So my suggestion is that in case you do John Casablanca verify you stick to your self and supply each and every thing you have. do not sit down lower back and picture they are gonna make each and every thing take place for you. you are the only that is putting down the money and you'd be the only that has to sell your self to get in spite of gigs pop up throughout and after it sluggish there.

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  • Norah
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    No. It is all a major scam. Everyone knows. No one will take you seriously and you won't get casted in anything. They will rip you off and rip you apart. DON'T.

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    never! always a scam!

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