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Please Help!!?

Ok, at school I joined in Student Leadership, but there is one little problem. My crush is in this club. But, I had a crush on him last year and he said he did not like me back. So, now he is going to think that I joined this club, to see him, but I did not. If I had known he was joining I would not have joined.

Please Help me!

Thanks in advance!

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    well if he already let you know he did not feel the same you should not still be crushing on him!! But dont get out of the club just try your best to not let him know you still like him. But if you really still like this guy that much than you can always try and use the club to get closer to him maybe you will get him to like you in the end.

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    To quote a source of great wisdom in this regard - named The 7th Son, by the way -

    "Who gives a rip what he thinks? You know why you joined. He has told you that he doesn't relate. So who cares what crush is losing out on?"

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    tell him u r over him and ignore him

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