how do I get my child into acting/commercials/modeling??

I'd like to know how to get my child into one of these things?

Who I need to contact, how I get started, and prices??

Any help would be great thanks!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Have a look in your local directory under Model Agencies. I'm sure you'll find listings for several companies local to you that can help. Take a couple of piccies - one head and shoulders and one full length - to each agent so they can see if your child is photogenic. Remember though - a good agent should not charge you!!

    Hope you find what your looking for

    Wishes n Dreams

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  • 4 years ago

    i have certainly not been in that role however i might love to feel that i could. that 6-7 years could be larger than now not understanding my youngster in any respect and plenty can occur in 7 years who is aware of they would discover a therapy for anything is improper. For your role that is whatever you ought to choose if i used to be a "midget" and desired a child i could speak to a couple medical professionals and weigh my choices. your youngster truthfully additionally has a well risk of being usual sized. plus simply purpose your littler than a few does not imply you're confined in all locations.

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