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My comp. has main hard drive&dvdrom7cd burner.need to add dvd burner&secondary hard drive.How to connect all?

Compact presario\sr1500nx 1gb ram

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    On your motherboard you should have two IDE ports, check the ribbon cable to your drive and see if there is a plug half way, if not buy 2 new IDE cables, set the new drive and burner to slave, and the originals to master, one on each port.

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    you be better off calling Technical Support

    reason you have to connect the data cabel from the dvd rom there should be a new connection half way down the cable now you connect that part to the new

    burner then you connect a power cable to it put make sure your new dvd burnet jump pin is on slave then you have to enter the bios to set them to auto , omg just call Technical Support

    or have a computer technician put it in your blow the bloody pc up if you try

    do not open the pc with the power cabel still on it just get a technician in to do it

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    If you buy another hard drive and DVD burner please do not throw away any paperwork that comes with it, for you see, those are all the directions you need to install the drives.

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