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What are the odds you think she's cute what are the odds you thinks she's ugly?

Several times I've been sitting at this table and I happen to look up and I catch the stare of this guy. I always look away because it makes me uncomfortable. What are the odds he thinks I'm pretty, ugly or just messing with my head. He does seem to be a really stuck up guy. And once when I had a low cut shirt on I looked up I was standing up and he had his head totally turned just staring at my chest. I mean he doesn't smile or say hello. Just a really serious look.

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    if he's staring ALL the time. there's a huge chance he likes you.

    if he stared at you like once, he's just probably looking around.

    i've been in the situation girl.

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    You need to ask him. Just come out and ask him if he likes you and if there is anything behind the look he gives you. It might sound scary but that is the only way you will find out.

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    "Dear Diary:

    I wore a low cut blouse to catch this boy's attention and it worked. Now whatever could that mean? Does he like me for me or because I am willing to stick my wares out there to entice him and everyone else? Oh, please tell me, dear diary.

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    you seem insecure. he probably wants to have sex with you at the least. show off your boobs more. get some attention

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