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skateboarding trick tips?

does any one know how to kickflip and other hard tricks and if you can give me detailed instructions that would help thanks

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    Having a little trouble with kickflips? I would bet that the problem you are experiencing is because you are turning at your hips. How I would best correct that is to try and jump straight forward and don't turn your hips at all. Try and keep your lower body "quiet" meaning don't twist or turn in the lower body. You should try and just jump forward in a straight line.

    Second, when you jump, try and jump forward and slightly toward the direction that you are flipping the board, not a lot, but a little. This will help you see the board as it rotates around and will put you in good position to land it. Also, try and pull your feet up together and see if this helps too.

    Another thing I find is that if I aim at something forward in a straight line, which helps too. Use a mark where you practice or draw something on the concrete. Maybe having something to aim at will help.

    I would best describe a heelflip is to be sure and sneak your heel toward the edge of your board, on the opposite side that you normally do kickflips. It is the same type of motion but use your heel instead of your toe to make the board flip. check it out <<

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    well if u can ollie (witch is important) just stand on ur board like u would before u do an ollie. then put the foot u put on the middle of the board and just move it down to teh left of ur board. then just do an ollie only rub ur foot up the left of the board to make it FLIP.

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  • 1 decade ago

    dude that was my first trick its really easy

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