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How can I housebreak my puppy and how long will it take?

i just got a german shepard/ jack russel mixed puppy. i take him outside whenever after he eats but he is still useing the bathroom in the house. he uses both the house and outside. he will be 6 weeks old next week on wendsday. any suggestions? thanks!!!

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    u should keep taking him outside and try to put newspapers inside, but if u keep taking him out, he will use it

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    It'll take a few weeks. Since he is still young, he's still learning how to control his bladder- and trust me they're small! A good rule of thumb is puppies usually have to go potty (pee) after napping, playing, biting, and after a long drink of water. They usually poo after eating, however, depending on the dog, they'll go up to 4 or 5 times a day (my Scottie who is 4 mons goes up to 4 times a day).

    A good way to housebreak her is the usage of a crate! Make sure the crate has a gate that only allows him to move, stand and lift his head comfortably. If his home is too big, he'll just sleep in one end and potty in the other. This is a good tool to use, b/c dogs usually don't potty in the place they sleep and eat. Since he's 6 weeks, he can probably go about 2-3 hours inside his crate. Now beware, he'll still go potty in his crate while he learns that's not ok in the meanwhile.

    I feed my 4 month old in her crate too so she really knows its not ok to potty inside. Also, establishing a potty schedule is beneficial to you and your pup- soon he'll get in the habit of knowing outside is the only acceptable place to go.

    Good luck!

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    Onley 6 weeks is still young so wait a while and when ever he goes outside say good out side and pet him alot and when he goes to the batroom say good potty but when he goes to the bathroom inside just ignore himm but dont hit him.

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    Don't scream at him but try to catch him in the act and then tell him bad boy and take him right out to the spot where you want him to go. That has worked for me on 6 dogs!

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    if you see one of his accedents, bring him to that spot put his nose right on the spot. and say no!!!!!!!!!!!, bad boy, you don't do that.

    But don't scream he will be afraid of you and you don't want him to obay out of fear. But say in with a stern voice.

    When he goes where he is supposed to tell him in a light tiny voice what a good boy yes yes u are. Praise him.

    Or you my decide to have him live outside, no bathroom problems.

    My dogs an outside dog, ''Sassy" shes my baby girl I love her so much.

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