PSP Video help~!?

I did the MP_ROOT and the 100MNV01 and the 100ANV01. And i even downloaded mp4s and put it in the 100MNV01 folder. But when i got to videos it says there are non!! Can someone help me!!!!!!!! How come i can't get videos on my PSP?!

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  • Nymo
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    1 decade ago
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    The Strange Thing About PSP And Videos Is That You Have To Re-Name The File To Play It In The MP_ROOT Folders..

    I Suggest Lining Up Your MP4s In Your Folder According To What You Would Like 1st, 2nd, etc..

    Then, Rename Each Folder "MAQ00000"..

    For Each One, Add To It, For Example:

    Movie File 1: MAQ00001

    2: MAQ00002

    3: MAQ00003...

    And So On..

    however, The Latest Version Of The PSP Updates Presumably Does Not Need File Renaming.. I'm Still Trying To Figure It Out, Now That The Files Are Outside The 'PSP' Folder, But If You Have Any More Questions Or Help Needed, Don't Hesitate To Contact Me!

    Source(s): previous knowledge, sony g.a.p. member
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  • 1 decade ago

    Just download the newest version of the browser for you PSP and you will have a new way to see videos in your PSP

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Get PSP Video 9.

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