I recenly lost a few hand drawings of famous paintings that I had purchased in Florence.?

Basically in the Uffizi gallery courtyard lots of people sell these, one of the ones I bought was a closeup shot of the finger of God giving Adam the spark of life (Michelangelo's painting in the sistine chapel). The other was of a beautiful woman, nude and bathing in a body of water. Now I lost these both in a Venice hotel, and I want to buy them again somewhere but I forget the name of the artist who did the beautiful woman painting. Does anybody now the name of this artist??????????? if you do I'd be eternally grateful.


I don't think its Degas because in the painting shes in a body of water, anyway i guess ill never know who the artist is

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  • GiGi
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    1 decade ago
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    It could be Degas...His lady is standing in a shallow tub of water, and sponging off....

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  • 1 decade ago

    More information are needef for tracing the beautiful bather.

    The best way, if you remember that the original painting was in the Uffizi, is checking here:


    I live not far from Florence.

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