im throwing a halloween party how do i do a real real teen party?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Loud music, lots of punch, which I'm sure someone will spike threw out the night, and chip and dip.

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  • corl
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    4 years ago

    thought a million in case you have a extensive kitchen, do a cookup for a regressive dinner! pair up some people who're coming to the occasion and have faith one "couple" to do appetizers, one to do beverages, some to do the optimum course and side dishes, and one to do dessert. then start up a 5 course dinner in this order: a million. espresso and tea 2. dessert 3. important course 4. pasta & salads 5. appetizers for people who are not cooking, in between the classes do a mini skills tutor, e.g. 2-minute skits, standup comedy, dance or music. thought 2 video games night! ask all human beings to hold their generic board interest or to teach a relaxing yet sparkling interest for all human beings, and shop the domicile stocked up with somewhat some soda and junk nutrition. video games comprise: -honey i admire you (style a circle, somebody is "it" in the midsection, he/she methods somebody of the alternative intercourse and seems him/her in the attention, asserting "honey, i admire you, might you please provide me a grin?" the guy asked ought to have the skill to respond to "honey i admire you too yet i'm too drained to offer you a grin" mutually as protecting a on the instant face) -cat & mouse -chinese language whispers thought 3 if it is an all women element, makeover events in no way fail. get all human beings to return with their superb foot scrub, nail polish, hair care, and makeup, and make all human beings experience like a megastar.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ask a teenager and have a big bank account. lol

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you're the parent then 'go out' lol

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