Why do i get so nervous, theres no way i could screw up with this girl.. but.. still nervous.. help?

Ok. well ive been seeing this girl for awhile.. Im different from some other people.. Im not one to really make the first move because ive always been afraid of screwing it up.. But.. with this girl theres nothing i could do that would screw it up.. But still, i hold back... i dont get it.. im very new to dating all of that kind of stuff... any input from the ladies as to what you would do in my situation, im 18, never really even made out with a girl.. well one that i really liked.. but its been so long that i feel like ive even forgot how to kiss.. am i just being a wuss? but im not shy by any means... im lost and i really do like her alot and i want to show her that..

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    1 decade ago
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    my god ur so cute lol im a 22 yr old fem, so i am to old for you lol just kidding. lol dont worry babe you seem like a really cool guy. be yourself. have fun make her laugh and feel like she never wants to leave. keep the convo going. never letting there be a dule moment. kiss her softly, sweet, gentle, please not a lot of spit, we hate that. hold her hand. dont be to close to her all the time. it seems hard but it is not. she will let you know how she wants you by her body movement. if she laughs alot, smiles alot touches ou a lot. then your good to go. if she seats far from you, has yes and no answers, then take her home and come to my house >=o)~

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  • 1 decade ago

    Concentrate on getting to know this girl. Build a friendship with her. Stay in the moment- instead of thinking about what you are going to do or say next. Try really listening to her.

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  • 4 years ago

    Don't fear what individuals believe of you!! I imply its handiest institution... And if her English isnt very well, why do not you train her a few?! You can get to grasp every different within the approach and whilst you do ask her out she's going to fully grasp you!

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