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My computer screen's all messed up?

My computer screen's all weird... there's these lines across it and it goes bizzerk, like it twitches from time to time. It's brighter than it usuall is. It seems like the real problem is in the lower left corner. How do I fix this? Is it busted? Please help me before my dad gets home, as he'll blame it on me for breaking it!

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    It's not you and you can't get blamed for it unless you dropped it or hit it with something. Screens go bad all the time you can't predict whether you got a good one or not. even High end really expensive ones break down without warning. chances are it's gone bad.

    Also magnetic fields can cause visual distortions too. Are there any speakers near or around the screen? If so move them. They're probably not magnetically shielded and probably not computer speakers (Which are always shielded).

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    If each and every of the words are squares and unusual shape you language equipment is bored stiff and you will could desire to run a restoration disk so as that its likes sooner or later. in the adventure that your reveal keeps blinking or it says something like one your pc that despite says your putting are to extreme or low you want a sparkling reveal.

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    well dont get sad,

    ders always a solutions.

    what type is it is it a TFT or LCD

    and search the internet

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