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When will my trade go through?

My first year in a Yahoo league. We approved trade on Thursday morning. League settings are 2 day review. On trade details it says the trade will be reflected on wk 5 lineup. Will the players be there Sun morning? We were both hoping to be able to use the players this week and didnt know it was such a slow process.


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    I hate to say it buddy but it might not go through till after tomorrow, so be prepared with another option. Mine says the same thing (2 day), I too approved it on Thursday evening and it claims I won't have them in the lineup till Week 6. Click it where it says trades pending (details) at the top of your roster and it will say when they will be available to you in bold print. Good Luck

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    should go through tonight, 2 days would be tonight when things reset. Usually about 3am to 4am est.

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