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Why are people on here answering hamswer questions and they don't know really?Here is the truthful answers!

Yes, Dwarfs can live together, they perfer it if they come from the same litter.

Syrians can NOT live together.

Only use aspen or paperbased bedding.

Never use cotton bed fluff.

Constant breedingis horrible for hamsters.

Hamsters need vet care too.

Don't use runged wheels. Water bowls shouldn't be used.

If hamsters fight sepperate them.Dwarfs and syrians cannot be interbreed.

Dwarfs and syrains cannot be kept togthether. All hamsters need a safe bedding, a wheel, a food dish, water bottle, house, out of cage time, and LOVE!

You shouldn't ever give your hamster a bath unless they need it and you know how to do it. Hamsters love crickits mealworms, and unseasoned boiled chicken.

If you have ANY questions about your furry friend, email me a even if you think it make you look stupid because it makes you smarter.

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    Thank you! This needed to be said. I am amazed how many people buy hamsters and know nothing about thier care.

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    I also have Syrian Dwarf hamswers. Mine don't like chicken though, they eat a diet mainly of beef and mexican food, it is their favorite but it does give them gas. poor things, when they get gas, they kinda fly around the room like a deflating balloon.

    They take baths too but sleep in newspaper shreds and I think I need to replace their wheel cause one of the rungs is broken and they might poke themselves. Or maybe I'll save the money and just let the cat play with them for a while instead. I was going to breed them and just figured if they fight I'll make kabobs for dinner. Oh well, who knew!!!

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    ~~~gee,,,,guess my Hamswers are a different breed of Hamsters,,,cause I have two Dwarf Syrians that like to sleep on cotton balls,,,and they use their water bowl to take their baths in every saturday just after they had their breakfast of Kentucky Fried Chicken,,,,,,,

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    right on you are reported of course for giving dialogue instead of asking a question

    that is illegal in yahoo answers

    you are a very bad girl

    but also an informative one

    you should open a Hamster 360 page

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    good to know

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    thank you.

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