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bad headaches?

I've been having bad headaches for about 3 or 4 months, along with i dont sleep well and feel drained all the time even on a good night when i am able to sleep the full night through, the next day i have to fight to stay awake sometimes to the point where i become dizzy, and now it seriously begaining to interfer with my work and my sex life, any ideas would be appreciated

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    Okay you need to seek a doctor's help. He can first assess to see if there is anything neurologically wrong with you.

    Then if that is ok he can give you something to calm the headaches.

    Finally he can give you something to help you sleep the night through to avoid the next day fatigue and dizziness.

    What can you do on your own? Try really hard to de-stress your life. Do mild activity to stretch your neck muscles out and arms. Try an activity that consumes your attention away from the stress and pain.

    Also drink lots of water. This helps flush the toxins out of the muscles to take away pain.

    Any new onset headaches need medical evaluation.

    Good luck.

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    Start eating Green apples daily, and if you feel like you have one, try breathing in a paper bag for about 5 mins. If they start to go away, or feel better, that means you get migrains, and need to see a doctor. I get migrains, and found that when I get them, perkaset works for me.

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    when i was having them like that and i finally went to the dr. with it. he said my bloodpressure was messed up. he started me on some blood pressure medecine,which helped. he also said one of the vertabrays in the back of your neck can cause it, check your blood pressure and go to the dr, he mayhave to do an m.r.i. on it.

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